North of Scotland Highland Cattle Club

The North of Scotland Highland Cattle Club was formed in 1992 and has members for all over the world. 

With at least 1 yearly fold visit, where member's can suggest fold visits for the future.  In the past the club has had trips to The Yorkshire Show and in 2016  the club have arrange a trip to The Royal Welsh Show.

The club is a great way to network with others for advice help and information on Highland Cattle. 

Yearly membership Single £10.00, Couple £15.00 & Family £20.00

With fold visits arrange, newsletters, club show in June and if required advice from other Highland Breeders.

As a member of the North of Scotland Club, you can also entry the new National Fold Competition for registered pedigree Highland Cattle.  Full details will be available during late March/April.

Please get in touch if you require further information

2015 Update

  • September Club Trip from Friday 25th September - Sunday 27th September

We all had a great trip away to Stirling/Perth Area.  Arriving at the Golden Lion Hotel Stirling on the Friday evening, it was a nice hotel and great food. 

We headed to Highland Wagyu on Saturday morning, for a very interesting visit and I think we all learnt something and had a few questions along the way.  We saw a few Wagyu calves some only a few days old, they are slightly smaller than a highland calf when born.  They had a few crosses and saw the Wagyu Highland cross and looking forward to seeing the end result in a year or so to see the meat it produces.  At the next Wagyu farm we saw both full Wagyu & cross Wagyu almost ready for slaughter, the cattle are anything but small at this age of about 36 months plus. 

We had a quick stop of lunch then on to Grahams Dairy where we saw a very impressive herd of quite Limousin cattle.  We then had a tour of the dairy, and had a wee experience of how cold -21 degrees Celsius, but all worth it for a tub of Grahams Ice Cream and if you've not tried it I can only suggest you go and try it's worth it.  We also say the lovely Jersey cows & calves along with watching some of them being milked.

It was a great day and very interesting and both farms were of similar thoughts not to push cattle to get them finished but to take your time and the end result is worth it.